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THE CORRUPTION CODE, is on Amazon! Click here to buy!


      A young software programmer is enjoying a meal with his wife and daughter, when a work issue leads him to the coffee shop across the street in search of internet for his laptop. A United States Congressman agrees to participate in a demonstration of a fully self-driving car down a busy street in San Francisco. He learns that he will be alone in the car, and reluctantly agrees to sit in the back seat and let the computer do all the driving. An FBI agent is enjoying an ice cream cone when the speeding car passes by him, running a red light and strikes down the wife and daughter, innocently walking in the crosswalk to join the programmer at the coffee shop. The Congressman is arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter. In the course of the investigation, the code in the car’s computer was found to have been altered and remotely controlled by a hacker.


     Little did the FBI agent know that he had uncovered a case of corporate espionage that he must solve before the car is used to kill again.




My first novel, THE DEMAND, is available on Amazon!


        Daniel Mason returned to his hometown to help save Barnaby and Mason, the struggling family business. Behind Daniel’s back, his envious brother, Ethan, is secretly plotting for Daniel to take the fall for Ethan’s mismanagement. When the town is stunned by two cold blooded murders at the offices of Barnaby and Mason, Daniel finds himself reluctantly turning to attorney Jeremy Lucas to defend him from charges of double homicide.


      Daniel maintains his innocence, but has one big problem: the murder weapon has his fingerprints on it.


      While the search is on for a missing Ethan Mason, Jeremy seeks to unravel the mystery of just what happened at the offices even as Daniel’s trial begins. With the jury’s decision far from certain, Daniel is going to need help from an unexpected source to avoid prison.


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"A great novel is one that has a ring of truthfulness, even if the events seem too fantastic to be true. It should have familiarity but not predictability. The ending of every chapter should make it easy to turn the page and keep going. The characters should inspire us to be more like them, or make us determined to be different. And the ending should either make you stop and turn the pages back to look for clues, or it should make you exclaim, “I knew it!'" - Jeffrey Gibson